straightLaw - direct access to commercial legal advice


straightLaw is a division of Barryome Solicitors LLP which is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. It is a scheme designed to give SMEs direct access to commercial legal advice in a straightforward, cost-effective and transparent way.

Benefits of the scheme include:

  • Commercial Legal Advice Helpline - for preliminary legal advice on a range of commercial issues
  • Case Assessment Service - the straight Law team will assess the merits of your case or defense for a fixed fee (part of which is refundable if we believe your case or defense has poor prospects)
  • Legal Issue Assessment Service - the straight Law team will advise on a particular legal issue for a fixed fee
  • Preferential Rates - straight Law members will benefit from preferential rates instructing Barryome Solicitors LLP. Litigation is considered on a 'no win no fee' basis
  • Regular Legal Updates - on topics relevant to your business
  • Free Debt Collection Letters - members are entitled to 2 free debt collection letters each month

Membership to the scheme is via a monthly subscription charge. We believe straightLaw membership will add value to your business and save money in legal costs.
For more information visit or contact us on 020 7404 6565 or email

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